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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the service body attach to the truck?
A four corner clamping system that is universal to any make or model.
2. What is the warranty?
10 year limited on the fiberglass not to delaminate or crack.
3. Does the unit have any electrical components?
Depending on the model, they come standard with one or two interior domes lights, a third LED brake light over the rear doors and a quick disconnect plug for ease of removal.
4. Can the Durashell be painted?
They come standard with a white gel coat finish. As the end user, you can have it painted or have it re-gel coated in a paint to match finish at your local paint shop.
5. Can the units have a rear flip up or single door application?
No, all units are standard with double rear swing out doors.
6.What is the advantage of buying a transferable truck body vs. a standard bolt-on model?
The Durashell is built to outlast the life of your truck. The transferability feature allows the user to move it from truck to truck in minutes. Downtime is almost completely eliminated whether the truck is in the shop for maintenance, repairs or being replaced with a new truck.
7. How do I take the unit off of my truck?
The Durashell can be removed fully loaded one of 3 different ways:
  • It can be raised off the bed of the truck from the ceiling with a fork lift (we also offer a fork lift tunnels mounted to the floor as an option).
  • Lifting jacks can be inserted in the 4 corner mounting tubes (similar to a camper lifting system)
  • We also offer crane brackets (lifting tubes) that insert into the mounting tubes which allow it to be removed with a crane.
8. Are the lifting jacks included with the unit when I buy it?
The lifting jacks can be purchased as a separate option.
9. What kind of finish is on the interior of the Durashell?
The interior is coated with a smooth laminate finish.
10. Can I drill or cut into the ceiling, walls and floor to mount accessories?
Yes, you can add accessories to the unit. The Durashell is made with a one-piece mold and has ribbed mounting points throughout the interior which are designed for adding accessories.
11. How much weight can I put on the bed of the Durashell?
The Durashell will handle the maximum allowable weight load of the truck that it is mounted on.
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