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Durashell - Durable Fiberglass for Fuel Economy

Shelves & Storage

2 Shelves

3 Shelves

Counter Top

Side Storage

3 13" Shelves

4 13" Shelves

DS140 Shelves

DS170 Shelves

1 Front Shelving

2 Front Shelving

2 Shelves in Nose

Steel Counter Top

7 Shelves with Bins

3 Shelves w/Dividers

Shelves Under Counter

Shelves Above Counter

Counter Top w/Outlets

Ceiling Mount Storage

Generators & A/C

A/C System

A/C Carrier

3000W Inverter

Generator Door

Miller Generator

Gen/Shore Switch

Generator Slider

Generator Cabinet

A/C Carrier w/Heat

Shore Power Package

Racks & Ladders

Prime Design

Insulation & Security



Dead Bolt

Puck Lock

Tables & Seating

Front Desk

Jump Seat

Bench Seating

Treatment Table

Doors & Vents

Roof Vent

Side Doors


Utility Door

Escape Hatch

Aluminum Doors

Diamond Plated

Lights & Electrical


110 Outlet

12V Outlet

Rope Lights

CO Detector

Smoke Detector

Interior Light

Exterior Lights

Fluorescent Lights

Lifting & Misc.

Tie Down

DS Jacks

Floor Liner

Grab Handles

Nylon Pocket

Pipe Support

2 Shelf Matting

3 Shelf Matting

4 Shelf Matting

7 Shelf Matting

Hole & Plug

Forklift Tunnels

Extended Brackets

Diamond Plate Floor

Windows & Steps

3 Steps

12" Step

24" Step

48" Step

Front Window

Side Windows

2 Rear Windows

Left Side Window

Front Fix Window

Right Side Window

Slide your mouse over the desired Durashell service body to see which options are available for the selected service body.

Position your mouse over the option, and the matching service bodies will be highlighted.

Light Duty Truck Insert

The Durashell 90 even fits the old body style (smaller) of the Toyota Tacoma!

Approximate weight 250-300lbs.

90 cu. ft of storage.

Durashell 140

Cab height shortbed for full-size pickup trucks.

Approximate weight 335lbs.

Durashell 170

Cab height longbed for full-size pickup trucks.

Approximate weight 385lbs.

Durashell 165

Lot's of space for light duty pickups.

Approximate weight 300lbs.

Durashell 230

230cu. ft. of storage with large rear doors - standard.

Approximate weight 500lbs.

A Great Alternative for a Van!

Shortbed, cab-over for a full-size pickup truck.

Approximate weight 500lbs.

Durashell 365

Longbed, cab-over for a full-size pickup truck.

Approximate weight 700lbs.

Durashell 370

Approximate weight 760lbs.

Red Dot Unit

Heating:28,600BTU/Hr @100F (8.4kW @37.8C) air temperature rise; Cooling:18,000BTU/Hr @36F (5.3kW @2.2C) refrigerant temp. and 80F (26.7C) wet bulb entering air

A/C Carrier

13,500 BTU A/C Unit installed

ProWatt 3000 Watt Inverter

3,000 Watt Inverter; 801-3kW, 3kW max. 5kW surge capability; Built-in LED display for DC volts and amps; Supports addition of external AC outlets; Single receptacle

Generator Doors

Generator Doors 25x30 and Sealed Cabinet

Generator Transfer Switch

Generator/Shore Power transfer switch; Switch between shore power and generator

Miller Generator

Generator - Miller 6000 watt, 40 amp

Generator Slider

Generator slider

Generator Cabinet

Generator cabinet, exterior door support, and generator rack

A/C Carrier With Heat

Carrier 13,500 BTU with 1600 Watt heater

Shore Power Package

Shore power with 30ft. cable, 100A Breaker Box, RV power outlets, 2 breakers and 2 - 110v outlets (15A)

Floor Liner

Line-X Floor

Rubber Mat for 2 shelves

Rubber Mat for 2 shelves

3 Rubber Mats

Rubber mat for 3 shelves. Available in 72" and 96"

4 Rubber Mats

Rubber mat for 4 shelves. Available in 72" and 96"

7 Rubber Mats

Rubber mat for 7 shelves. Available in 72" and 96"

Diamond Plate Floor

Diamond plate in aluminum 1/16 for the floor

Two Shelves

Two Shelves with dividers, per side.

3 Shelves

3-Shelves available in various dimensions

48x18x28 Counter Top

Counter top 48x18x28 Steel top with 2 shelves and blue bin

20x80x40 Counter Top

Counter top 20x80x40 from floor. Steel top liner and steel frame structure

Side Compartment

Side Interior Compartments for the Durashell 140/170

Shelves 3-92x13

Shelves - 92" Long X 13" Deep Aluminum, Fits: Durashell 230,325,365

4 Shelves

4 Aluminum shelves; Available in 48x13, 60x13, 72x13, 84x13 and 96x13

Side Compartment Shelving

Shelving in aluminum with punched hole backing and dividers 10 each shelf - Top Shelf is 12" wide and bottom shelf is 15" wide

Side Compartment Shelving

Shelving in aluminum with the punched hole backing and dividers 10 each shelf - Top Shelf is 12" wide and bottom shelf is 15" wide

Single Front Shelf

One Front Shelf with support and dividers

2 Front Shelves

Front Shelves (2) 48x14; one at bottom and another at 20" from floor

2 Shelves in Nose

Two shelves in the nose cone installed with bracket

7 Shelves

7-Shelves with blue bins, small and medium; Available in 48", 60", 72", 84" and 96"

3 Shelves

3-Shelves with Dividers; Available in 48", 60", 72", 84" and 96"

Shelves Under the Counter

Shelves under the counter 20x75

Shelves Above the Counter

Shelves above the counter; Available in 12x66 and 15x66

Counter Top W/Outlets

Counter with 4 X 110 volt outlets

Ceiling Mounted Storage

Ceiling-mounted storage cabinets

Fiberglass Insulation

Reefer unit with wood interiors laminated with fiberglass

Urethane Insulation

Urethane insulation

Security Lock

Steel hardware for dead bolt lock

Security Puck Lock

Puck lock from Lock Master

Front Desk

Front Fixed Desk - Front desk with plywood and laminated top.

Jump Seat

One auxiliary jump seat

Bench Seating

Bench Seating (no Seatbelts) 1 side

Treatment Table

One cushioned patient treatment table and transport bench with three seat belts with cups to accommodate Stokes Stretcher (Stretcher Dim: 84.5x24x7) General storage compartments under treatment table

Aluminum Door

12x12 Aluminum Fiber Optic door also available in other sizes

Aluminum Door Diamond Plating

Diamond plate aluminum for the 2 rear doors

Roof Vent

Vent, manual crank 14x14

Escape Hatch

Roof escape hatch 20x20 installed

Side Doors

Side utility doors available in 20x30, 24x24 and 25x30

Fiberglass Utility Door

Side Utility Door 20x60, solid windowless keyed positive with slam lock system


Flettner ventilator

Beacon Light 200A

Beacon Light 200A (1) installed and wired on the roof

110 Outlet

110 Outlet installed and wired

12 Volt Outlet

Additional power outlet - 12 Volt

Interior Rope Lights

Interior Rope Lighting for side compartment. 12v - Wired to switch in side compartment

CO Detector

Carbon monoxide detector

Interior Lights

Interior dome light (additional)

Exteriors Lights

2 Rear Mounted Exterior Lights - 55 Watts w/2 interior on/off switches

Fluorescent Light

2-48" Fluorescent lights, 110 volts

Smoke Detector

Battery Smoke Detector

DS Jacks

Set of 4 Heavy Duty lifting jacks

Forklift Tunnel

Built-in Forklift Tunnels for easy installation or removal, requires long forks

Jack - Extended

Extended bracket for jacks (Dually)

Grab Handle

Grab handles in rear of the unit

4 inch hole and plug

4 inch additional hole and plug

Nylon pocket for fiber optic

Nylon pocket for fiber optic door

Pipe Support

Pipe supports with strap

Flush Mount Tie Down

Flush mount tie down in floor


Prime Design - US 3rd Gen Two Crossbars - Double drop down (curb side an street side) ladder rack for the Durashell 140 (6.5')

2 Rears Windows

2 Rear door windows, one in each door, 12.5x24.5

Driver Side Window

Driver Side Window for DS 370 - 5MM

Front Window

Black Frame Front sliding window, 56x15

Fixed Front Window

Front fix window

Side Window

Side windows with slider; Available in 18x48, 18x42 and 18x30

12" Bumper Step

Step-12'' install in the bumper recess

8x24 Bumper Step

Step 8x24 galvanized steel

48" Bumper Step

Step 48" installed into the truck hitch

3 Bumper Steps

3 galvanized steps

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