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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a removable utility body rather than a cab/chassis mounted standard utility body?
A Load'N'Go Removable Truck Body has several advantages over the traditional style utility bodies:
  • No limitation for the uses of a specific vehicle - increasing the flexibility and actual value of the vehicle
  • No need to purchase, maintain and insure multiple vehicles – one truck can be used for several operations or as both a work and a "play" truck
  • Simplifies purchasing or leasing
    • Standardization is becoming more important to fleet managers. Load'N'Go allows you to purchase or lease a standard pickup trucks that will satisfy several user groups
    • Purchase or lease work truck and when the vehicle arrives quickly install the Load'N'Go and the crew can go to work no waiting weeks for a body to be installed
  • Load'N'Go utility bodies outlast chassis-when the chassis is replaced, or you're at the end of your lease, there is no need to pay for a new utility body, with Load'N'Go, simply transfer the body to the new truck
  • Load'N'Go will outlast most standard utility bodies in harsh environments due to large portion of the body being protected from the elements, road debris and salt by the truck bed.
  • You never lose access to your body, tools and equipment
  • If your truck requires service or is in an accident, simply transfer the entire body to another truck and continue working and earning
  • The vehicle does not require recertification
  • Factory fuel lines, bumpers, electrical are left untouched
  • Resale value on a pickup truck is typically higher than on a used chassis with a utility body
  • Unload the body at a job site and use the body as a job box
  • Save fuel and wear and tear on your chassis
2. How do I remove the body and do I need to unload it first?
The Load'N'Go body is designed to be removed without unloading, if applicable the material rack would need to be unloaded. There are 12 bolts (6 on each side) inside the toolboxes which need to be removed.

There are three methods of removing the Load'N'Go:
  • First, the body has forklift tunnels in the rear compartment. Simply remove the tailgate, open the rear compartment door and you have easy access to the forklift tunnels.
  • Second, if a forklift is not available, we offer lifting jacks that are inserted in mounting tubes at all four corners and the body is lifted similar to a camper lifting system.
  • Third, we offer crane brackets, that are inserted into the mounting tubes and the body can be raised from the bed.
3. Does the Load'N'Go have as much storage space as a standard 8' utility body?
The Load'N'Go actually has MORE. An 8' utility body has 40-45 cubic feet of storage space, the Load'N'Go has 60 cubic feet of storage space.
4. Can I carry a full sheet of material in the bed?
Yes, the bed area of the Load'N'Go is 48-1/2" wide to accommodate full 4' wide sheets of material.
5. I have had my utility body broken into many times, is the Load'N'Go secure?
Load'N'Go has addressed the security issue with several items:
  • Each compartment has a "T" handle that can be locked with a padlock and/or a cylinder key
  • Compartment doors are attached with a full length stainless-steel piano hinge, not hinge blocks
  • Load'N'Go has 14 gauge double panel doors
  • If you do not need your tools and equipment, remove Load'N'Go and secure all of your tools and equipment in the shop or garage
6. How much weight can I put on the bed?
The bed floor is rated at a 2000 pounds.
7. What are the dimensions and weight capacity of the rear drawer unit?
The drawer dimensions are: 90" long x 41" wide x 7-1/2" high and the capacity of the drawer slide is 1000 pounds.

The drawer also includes adjustable dividers and a .188 rubber mat.
8. What trucks do the Load'N'Go fit?
One model fits Ford, GMC, Chevrolet and Dodge 3/4 Ton pickups. Standard long and short bed models available.

View our Truck Fit Guide for details.
9. Do I need special mirrors?
No, most of the current Load'N'Go users are utilizing the standard factory mirrors.
10. How is the Load'N'Go attached?
The truck is not drilled to mount the body. The truck bed remains in its original condition. The Load'N'Go is bolted to 6 mounting blocks that are clamped to the bed rail. Installation and removal of the body requires the installation or removal of 12 bolts.
11. Can I keep my tailgate on with the body?
Yes, when the Load'N'Go is mounted the tailgate can still be attached. Note: The short bed Dodge is the only exception.
12. Can I get a roller top, ladder rack and vise brackets with the Load'N'Go?
Yes, all of the options that are available for utility bodies are available with the Load'N'Go, roller tops, ladder racks, material racks, vise brackets, compartment drawers, etc.
13. Can I get the Load'N'Go painted to match my cab?
Yes, the Load'N'Go can be painted to match most Ford, GM, or Dodge factory colors, for a small additional charge and only on orders of 10 or more units.
14. I've had a problem with the paint scratching and rust on the bed floor.
All Load'N'Go units include a "Spray-On" bed liner on the floor. The bed liner is the most effective means to protect your utility body floor from scratching and rust.
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