Whether you are an independent contractor or a large commercial fleet manager, the success of your business largely depends on having the right equipment in the hands of your workforce. Since 2004, Fleetwest has been supporting commercial businesses by providing innovative products designed to improve operations and reduce operating costs.

We are passionate about innovation, and only deliver products that satisfy our four (4) core innovation standards:

  1. Reduce long-term operating costs;
  2. Improve business cash flow;
  3. Increase employee performance and efficiency; and
  4. Drive workplace safety.


Gone are the days of limiting your fleet management solutions to bolt-on products. These products limit the flexibility of your fleet’s work truck composition, reduce resale values, and creates a burden on your operations when the work truck is damaged or down for service. Fleetwest’s transferable truck body lines are designed to switch in-and-out of multiple brands of truck bodies (Ford, Chevy, Dodge, etc.), and will outlast your service truck.

Transferability allows you to pick a truck off the lot, slide our truck body in to the bed, and pick back up servicing your customers in a mater of hours instead of weeks or months. We want you to be successful which is why we have partnered with DeGroot Leasing to provide you with both financing and leasing solutions that best fits your business. Simply click on the Financing button in the top right corner and begin seeing what financing options are available for your business. Please look around and explore the various options of transferrable truck bodies available for your business. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or e-mail us with any questions you might have. We appreciate the opportunity to provide your business with innovative solutions that will make you more successful.


Rick and the Fleetwest Team