Long Lasting Alternative

Vehicle downtime is inevitable…

For this reason, Fleetwest offers 100% transferable

service bodies that are built to outlast multiple trucks. These are fully transferable

truck bodies that eliminate the need to tediously unload tools and equipment  only to

reload them onto the replacement pickup truck. Models in both the Load’N’Go and

Durashell lines can be transferred from one truck to another. So there is no need to

move anything but the body itself with all your tools already loaded inside!

– Easy & convenient

– Saves you money

– Reduces downtime

– Work more efficiently


This transfer can be easily and successfully completed with the use of lifting jacks, a forklift,

or a crane in a matter of minutes! So next time your fleet vehicle is down or in the shop

for repairs or maintenance, you won’t have to worry about lost revenue and increased

downtime on the job.

With a Load’N’Go, you can rest assure that your toolbox is not just built to last, but to outlast!

We have companies that are on their 5 or more truck with the same service body!


Let Fleetwest show you how to start adding years to the lifecycle of your service vehicles

Toll-free in the U.S at (866) 497–7200  for a detailed price quote www.Fleetwest.net.

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