Fleetwest-Committed to Efficiency & Productivity

Green Truck Association is commemorating its 10th anniversary this year.  Since it has been established, it has been committed to improving the efficiency and productivity of work trucks.  See the article that is posted in the NTEA for more information.

The NTEA was established in 1964; the Association for the Work Truck Industry represents more than 2,100 companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories.

Fleetwest’s transferable truck bodies are also committed to efficiency and productivity of work trucks.  Because our truck bodies are transferable, it reduces the number of trucks a fleet has to have on hand.  The truck body can be moved from one truck to another if there are breakdowns or accidents.  In addition, Fleetwest Truck Bodies are versatile.  Your truck can be used for both work and personal, just by slipping it on/off the truck body.

Having a transferable service body from Fleetwest is one way to increase your fuel economy in your pickup  work truck.  Fleetwest offers fiberglass units that are ergonically engineered and lightweight to reduce fuel consumption.  






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