Elite Fleets

How does one become an Elite Fleet? 

Creating an Elite Fleet is just a simple as paying attention to all the key areas and make sure that is done to the highest of standards. Below are some tips on how to take your fleet to an Elite status.

Maximize ROI

  • Maximizing the vehicle return on investment can provide revenue for upfitting fleet vehicles or purchasing new, innovative fleet technologies.
  • Having a large fleet means disposal of hundreds of vehicles annually. Creating a higher resale value can provide large savings.
  • Vehicle ROI needs to be considered during initial truck acquisition.
  • Small details such as adding a bed-liner to a pickup truck, tinting the windows in warmer climates, and picking a popular paint color such as white can increase resale value.
  • Bolt-on truck bodies damage both the pickup truck and the service body itself. Fleetwest offer slip-on models that won’t damage the vehicle and are easily removed for a higher resale value and maximized ROI.

Rightsizing a Fleet

  • Rightsizing a fleet can mean either increasing or decreasing the number of vehicles and drivers.
  • Using vehicles utilization studies can help determine an accurate number of trucks with maximum utilization.
  • Underused vehicles or equipment can be sold at auction to increase ROI.
  • Integrating transferable truck bodies into a fleet provides more versatility and eliminates the need to purchase more pickup trucks.

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Many government fleets develop maintenance partnerships. This strategy works well for both the fleet and the partner because they can benefit from fleet services.
  • Investing in durable and secure fleet vehicles and service bodies can reduce overall maintenance costs. Fleetwest Load’N’Go service bodies are easily transferred from on pickup truck bed to another, fully loaded, when it comes time for vehicle maintenance. This reduces downtime which in turn saves money.

Go Green                                 

  • Some organizations have invested in hiring a green fleet coordinator to advise on the best way to incorporate environmental technology into a fleet. Investing in a green fleet, when rightsizing or initially acquiring vehicles, initially saves money in fuel costs; and provides companies with an environmental stamp of approval.
  • Goals can be set to reduce fleet petroleum fuel, carbon emissions, and overall environmental impact.
  • Lightweight vehicles require less fuel and reduce carbon emissions. Durashell service bodies are made of a lightweight fiberglass composite and can reduce fuel costs to create a greener fleet.


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Load’N’Go shown on optional jacks

Durashell, fiberglass utility body, Fleetwest

Durashell 175

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