Load’N’Go Transferable Truck Body Open Bed by Fleetwest


Load’N’Go Open Bed with optional Ladder Rack

The ability to remove a truck body from your pickup truck in minutes, fully loaded, means gaining valuable access to a work-free pickup truck.

Load’N’Go Open Bed

Fleetwest service bodies can be easily removed from pickup trucks. You can use fork lifts, cranes with lifting tubes, or jacks to remove your service body. With a four point clamping system, there is no need to drill holes.  Because of this, it’s OK to move onto a rented or leased truck in case of an emergency or needed repairs. Acquiring a transferable truck body provides the flexibility of having a pickup truck, and multiple work trucks.
A universal fit for full size pickup trucks Ford, Dodge, GM, Toyota Tundra with 8′ and 6.5′ beds. Unfortunately we don’t have bodies that fit the smaller trucks; Tacoma, Colorado or Ranger.
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