Share the Good News About Transferables


Transferable = Life Cycle Savings

Transferable = Improved Efficiency

Transferable = Universal Fit

Improve fleet efficiencies without increasing number of fleet vehicles. You can take your Load’N’Go and transfer the body full of tools to another truck.  If your truck requires service or is in an accident, simply transfer the entire body to another truck and continue working.  Resale value on a pickup is generally always higher than on a used bolt-on utility body. This would also allow you to utilize short term leased pickups as much as needed.  You can also use the transferable truck body at a job site- just use the optional jacks to lift off truck body and use as a job box. These fit your standard 6.5’ & 8’ bed lengths: Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Toyota, and Nissan.

We have several Load’N’Go bodies to choose from:

  • Fixed Top
  • Open Bed
  • Sportsman
  • Powerbody

You can customize your body with our many optional features.  The Load’N’Go offers standard Powder Coated finishes. These bodies are coated inside and out and are far more resistant to rust and corrosion that any other service body available.

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