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Trucks sure have come a long way in the last 60 years…so why not the same with work trucks? It’s time to change the way your Fleet or technician handles tool storage. Instead of  buying the same old Bolt-On bodies that haven’t changed in years, it’s time to think outside of the box; or in this case, inside of the truck bed.

Have you heard about the latest work truck technology? The fully transferable truck bodies from Fleetwest are the most versatile and user friendly service – utility bodies available today. We have a proven technology for increasing technician efficiency and reducing fleet costs.

Load'N'Go Transferable vs. Traditional Bolt On

The Load’N’Go Open Bed by Fleetwest is just one example. It looks very similar to a bolt-on, but can be transferred from one truck bed to another fully loaded, with a no-holes drilled installation. This ability reduces downtime if a vehicle is in need of repair; or removed and put on jacks at a job site to keep your tools safe and secure during the duration of a project.

The Load’N’Go is a universal fit for new or existing fleet trucks; full size Ford, Chevy/GMC, Dodge and Toyota trucks with 8’ long and 6.5’ short beds. These service bodies have the ability to outlast multiple trucks, meaning you get the highest return on investment with a transferable truck body. And that is just a few of the cost-saving benefits.

Check out the whole Load’N’Go line, the additional options available and get a price quote @



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