Why Consider a Transferable Truck Body?

The ability to remove a truck body from your pickup truck in minutes, fully loaded, means gaining valuable access to a work-free pickup truck. Our transferable truck body is a universal fit for full size pickup trucks Ford, Dodge, GM, Toyota Tundra with 8′ and 6.5′ beds. Unfortunately we don’t have bodies that fit the smaller trucks; Tacoma, Colorado or Ranger.

There are several steel Load ‘N’ Go models, as well as, fiberglass/composite Durashell models to choose from. All models can easily be customized with options to suit your needs; such as ladder or material racks, bed slides, shelving, dividers, lifting jacks, lighting and much more!

Fleetwest service bodies can be easily removed from pickup trucks with a Fork lift, crane with lifting tubes, or by Jacks. With a four point clamping system, there is no need to drill holes, so it’s OK to move onto a rented or leased truck in case of an emergency or needed repairs. Acquiring a transferable truck body provides the flexibility of having a pickup truck, and multiple work trucks.

Check out our website at: www.Fleetwest.net  or call our office for a quote at 480-736-8800.  You can also request at quote at: https://www.fleetwest.net/get-a-quote/

Load_N_Go Fixed Top Model

Load’N’Go Fixed Top – transferable steel truck body

Load_N_Go Slip-on Truck Body

Load’N’Go Open Bed Slip-on Truck Body



Load_N_Go Sportsman Tool Box

Sportsman Tool Box – On and Off in Minutes

Load N Go Transferable Truck Body

Load’N’Go Open Bed Transferable Truck Body Fits standard 6.5′ and 8′ pickup truck bodies – no holes drilled